Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Platinum in Vegas

It's hard to believe but with this, my 278th post, I celebrate 10 year doing this blog. The first entry appeared on January 6, 2007.  In it, I vowed to write at least one post a month. That resolution held up for a couple of years, often with the help of frantic typing on the last day of the month so I could make the deadline. Then one day, I discovered the "back date" feature where I could procrastinate to my lazy heart's content, yet still make it look like I was staying up to date. The backlog that resulted from this got to be so great that I considered abandoning this project altogether.

Thankfully, I didn't. My original intent was to force myself to maintain some kind of travel journal and looking back, that's pretty much what ended up happening. When asked about what to do in city x,  I can now reference my own blog. This means I am probably giving out a lot of erroneous information but I am having fun doing it...and isn't that what really counts?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Manila : Home of Forts, Hobbits and Nuts

Me, making reservations for a dinner cruise on Manila Bay: "Hi, there will be 8 of us and I will be needing a vegetarian meal."

Manila Cruise People: "Do you eat pork?"

Me: "No, I am a vegetarian?"

MCP: "Do you eat fish?"

Me: "No. I am completely vegetarian.  No meat, no chicken, no pork and no fish"

MCP: (pause) "We checked and it is ok if you bring your own food."

Me: "Do I still need to pay the full price for the dinner cruise?"

MCP: "Yes"

Me: "Then could you please just add extra vegetarian sides? Maybe a cheese sandwich?"

MCP: "Um, ok"

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with Gran Canaria

1.The Food.This could also be reasons 2-10 but that might make me look a bit gluttonous. I say this as someone who, ironically enough, could not eat about 70% of what was on most menus. Island cuisine=lots and lots of seafood. But the things I could eat, particularly the papas arrugadas (or wrinkled potatoes) and the tortillas EspaƱolas were more than enough to keep me fat and happy. Add to that the tapas, usually marinated olives or homemade chips, that came with every drink and it is a miracle I did not roll off the island.

2.The Public Transit. For three days, we stayed in the capital city of Las Palmas. I briefly considered renting a car to explore the surrounding areas but once I took a look at the bus schedule, it was clear that there was no need. Public buses frequently do the loop around the island in either direction, making it easy to get to anywhere you want to go, usually without transferring.